What Activities Do You Perform During Vestibular Balance Rehabilitation?

When you have a vestibular disorder, your middle ear is sending wrong signals about the orientation of your head to your brain. This can cause extreme dizziness, especially when you tilt or rotate your head. Severe symptoms can make it difficult to perform daily activities without suffering from debilitating dizzy spells. Thankfully, vestibular balance rehabilitation programs can help reduce your symptoms and let you live your life normally again. These programs focus on improving your brain's ability to use other cues in order to maintain balance, which reduces its reliance on your vestibular system. Read More 

Do You Need Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment?

For many people, inpatient eating disorder treatment is the right option for medical and psychiatric health. While many people do not ever need inpatient treatment, others rely on it to get through their eating disorder. These treatment centers provide a lot of support for those who need them. Are you unsure if inpatient eating disorder treatment is the right option? These are a few indicators you should consider inpatient treatment for an eating disorder. Read More 

Common Challenges of New Hearing Aid Users and How to Face Them

When you suffer from hearing loss, hearing aids can allow you to enjoy the world again. But they do take some getting used to! Don't despair, and don't give up. The challenges you're facing as you adapt to hearing aids are not unique. Most other hearing aid users go through the same things. Here is a look at some of the most common challenges and how to address them. 1. You have trouble hearing in busy places. Read More 

4 Injections To Try And Delay A Knee Replacement

When knee arthritis significantly degenerates the knee, pain and limitations might mean a knee replacement is necessary. Before having a knee replacement, there are several injectable treatments that can reduce pain and potentially delay surgery. Steroids Steroid injections are typically reserved for knee arthritis that is not well-controlled through exercise and anti-inflammatory pain medications. Sometimes a knee replacement is delayed because arthritis has not progressed enough to warrant the procedure or it is better to wait until the patient is older. Read More 

About A Doula

If you are pregnant and in the process of putting together your birth plan, then you should also be thinking about whether you want a doula. A doula can bring a lot of great things to the table when it comes to improving your overall birthing experience. If you aren't familiar with what a doula is, then keep reading here and you'll learn more about them, so you will know if getting one will be a good choice for you. Read More